I grew up in north Georgia and went to school at Kennesaw State University. Afterwards, I decided it was time for city life and moved to Atlanta with my cat and dog (Theo and Finn). I met my husband in 2013 while volunteering at an animal shelter in Atlanta. After many months of volunteering and dating we discovered that we both loved adventure and wanted to pick up, pack up, and see the world. After working in Corporate America for a few years and saving all our pennies, we quit our jobs and spent a year traveling all around the world. In 2019, we moved out to Fort Collins, Colorado because we wanted to be closer to the mountains and further from the humidity! Our most recent adventure began in that weird year we called 2020 when we had our baby boy, Robby. 

Photography has always been a big passion of mine, and after coming home from our year of travel, I quickly realized I couldn’t go back to a regular 9-5, so here I am living my dream! 

I hope to have the opportunity to create some amazing memories here for both my family and yours!